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As science moves forward research has shown hormonal imbalances of many chronic health issues.

Our hormones should exist in harmony with each other. Hormone imbalances can and do have a negative impact on the daily lives of both men and women. Inadequate hormone levels can attribute to a decrease in energy, mood swings, depression, decreased libido, foggy thinking, hot flashes and night sweats, to mention just a few. Increased weight gain, abdominal fat, sugar/carbohydrate cravings and irritability can be caused by improper nutrition.

At bodyBALANCEmd our focus is on a natural, balanced approach to age management. The good news, for both men and women, is that hormone loss and imbalance is an easily correctible condition. Through simple lab testing we can determine your hormone levels and your unique bio-identical hormone needs. Our hormone services include a comprehensive review of symptoms, medical, family and personal history, laboratory analysis, natural hormone balancing, ongoing evaluations and quality compounded pharmacy prescriptions.

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